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Title: Avoid Scams! There is NO easy way to become taller once you've stopped growing!
Post by: MMTA on August 04, 2006, 11:52:16 AM
We've all seen them - hundreds of different sites claiming to have the magic formula to allow you to grow taller.

Although deep down you know they are not true, you hope that they are.


The reason for this is simple - the major determinant of your height is the length of your bones. These grow rapidly during puberty, but when you stop growing, your bones have stopped increasing in length.

No amount of vitamins, nutritional supplements, exercises of mystic rituals can make your bones grow once they have stopped. It's impossible.

(Of course, while you are a teenager, and your body is still growing, all of these things can have a significant impact on your height!)

Once you have reached adulthood, you are faced with only three realistic options if you are below your desired height:

1. Learn to accept it and acknowledge that you cannot win every battle in life - being short is not so bad!

2. Use techniques and devices to make you appear taller, such as stretching, shoe lifts and different clothes.

3. Have your legs surgically lengthened using one of several leg lengthening techniques.

These are the only true options available to you - and hopefully you will find the information on this board useful in helping you to decide which of those approaches is right for you  ;)