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Title: really bad leg and knee pains, bow legged??
Post by: Ja1862 on June 05, 2014, 09:09:33 PM
I think im bow legged I can put my feet together but can't touch my knees. 
My feet naturally point out to the sides, when I sit down with my legs stretched out my knees and feet don't point up they kind of droop to the side.

I get extreme lower leg and knee pain from standing more than a minute or from walking. 

I told my doctor but he didn't take notice and just gave me painkillers.   How can I attach a picture to show you guys?

Title: Re: really bad leg and knee pains, bow legged??
Post by: Antonina on June 17, 2015, 04:41:41 PM
The International Centre of Anthropometrical (Orthopaedical) Cosmetology and Correction offers the unique possibility to correct  bow legs and knock knees
We succeeded to significantly reduce the period of treatment and the risk of complications during the treatment.  It takes only 8-9 weeks from surgery to the moment when the person is able to walk freely.  The scars left by the needles are only 2-3 cm long and get invisible after a few months.  Our patients start walking on the 3d day after the operation and soon donít need crutches to walk.   
It is notable that the very process of correction is stepwise and lasts 7 - 14 days.  Correction  goes on up to the moment when both  the surgeon and the patient agree that the best esthetic result has been obtained.
For correction the apparatus for external fixation designed in our Center is used.  The frames are fixed on both legs during the operation.  Besides being cosmetic, correction surgery prevents problems with joints which often arise in bow-legged people with age.  The knee joints bear two thirds of a personís weight and straight legs help evenly distribute the weight by correcting the axis.   
During treatment we use a special computer system for surgery planning and determining individual parameters of dynamic characteristics of the frames.
For more information or making an appointment with our doctors, please, write to Antonina info5@rucosm. com.
www. facebook. com/rucosm
hxxp: www. rucosm. com/

Title: Re: really bad leg and knee pains, bow legged??
Post by: sheri on October 06, 2016, 04:04:48 AM
If you put your ankles together and your knees do not touch then you are most likely bow legged.  Like you I also get bad knee pain from it but unfortunately for me I think my case wouldn't be covered by insurance because it would not be considered severe.