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Title: Semi-Permanent Invisible Foot Lift Project by new M.D.
Post by: Wishtobe5ft9 on May 17, 2017, 05:46:12 PM
Before I start, I am a total newbie with forum posts and i'm not sure why my images arent showing up

This is my new Project:  Silicone Foot lifts  , I thought about this last week and decided to do something about it. Work in progress, its no LL, but its a start. Would appreciate any input.

What is it:  Silicone lifts attached to the heel of the foot with liquid latex or bald covers,  that is completely invisible (hopefully)

Benefits: No embarrassment when taking off shoes with lifts. Go barefoot and be permanently taller. Wear while sleeping/showering. No surgery, no pain, cheap, safer possible alternative to LL. Biomechanical benefit for people with rigid flat feet like me.

Who is it for: Shorties like me without time or money for LL, and dont want to hide inside their shoes/socks all the time if they have lifts. People who desire non-invasive consistent height.

How much Height increase: I'm aiming for 1.5 Inches which would put me from 5'6" to 5'7.5"

Materials used: Silicone, Liquid Latex, Bald caps maybe, makeup

How long would it last: Hopefully as long as you want.

How long will this take me to complete: This is a personal project. No outside funding. Will work on this every day although I do have responsibilities at the hospital and clinic now. Will continue to share my results. Hopefully I will have something tangible that is presentable in 1 month and usable in 2 months.

Been a while since i've posted here. Graduated my internal medicine residency and now i have my own practice in the midwest. Finally a real doctor yaay =).  Hopefully my knowledge of anatomy will help me with this solo project.
I'm still 5'6". I'm 30 now. I had desires for LL in the past but needed money. Now I have money but I dont have time.

I have flat feet. Like really flat feet. Rigid Pes Planus. The medial side view of my foot looks like this.


Since the anatomical appearance my foot is so severely flat, I should be able to better hide silicone attachments to my Heel.

This is the Goal


The lift itself:
Made from silicone similar to this video

Obviously, my foot mold will have to be custom since I will be increasing the heel height. It would also only include the heel. I could try to just make a heel from scratch from silicone. In fact now that i'm typing this, that sounds like a better idea since molding is to make an exact replica which we dont want.

Once I get a good looking, comfy, mechanically sound heel mold If i manage to get this far, how in the heck do we hide it? I'm up for ideas, but the current best way i have found is using the same method people use to blend bald caps to their heads. Looks seamless. If this can be applied to the foot, we may have something.

An alternative is liquid latex. Here is a girl making a halloween costume and blended the material to her skin seamlessly.

Some of my inspiration for this whole thing came by the old post about silicone foot implants and also from these      - Seems like a very nice product although still not completely invisible. Also they seem to be sold out. My initial idea was just to blend those heels to my foot but the strap would cause attention.

Mock up of ideal before and after pictures.



I have ordered the materials I need and I will be working on this right away. If anyone has any input or sees flaws and have better ideas than what i've thought of so far, please comment. I want to turn this into a group effort.

Questions or concerns? Ideas?