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The Make Me Taller (MMT) community forum provides free information about the only REAL way to become taller - elective leg lengthening (LL) surgery. This site contains detailed information, pictures, videos, diaries and personal accounts from people who have undergone cosmetic LL to become taller. We discuss the pros and cons of Ilizarov, Betzbone, Guichet Nail, PRECICE and other methods. Please read our FAQs first before posting and enjoy your time here finding out how to become taller! Leg Lengthening is a serious endeavor, so do your research! You can also buy MMT's new book about LL called 'Inchworm' at Amazon!

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 on: Yesterday at 02:34:48 PM 
Started by SysOp - Last post by SysOp
I apologize for not being very active on the site in a long time. I finished my LL years ago, and have kind of moved on with my life. I wanted to make sure this forum and its information survived so I have done my best even though I am rarely here.

In light of this I am happy to announce the RETURN OF MMTA! The founder of the site is back. He is now admin again and he will be getting back involved as he has the time. He is also going to write some posts about life ten years after LL. Welcome back MMTA!

 on: August 14, 2017, 02:33:02 PM 
Started by Romy - Last post by Swaggy
Its been 2 months now since i started distraction and i am 5. 5 approx now, When i had my last X-ray done it was 4. 2.  satisfied with the results.  My ankle is getting tighter at every turn after 5cm so harry suggested me to turn 0. 75 every day but for safe side and appropriate time for heal i am turning 0. 5mm a day.  Both the tibias are tender and knee are stiff but the good part is i don't have ballerina yet, working hard for that.  Days are really humid.  caretake is quit efficient in taking care of me some time he took me out to with wheelchair of course.  This is definitely not a easy task this frame is really heavy some time my core gets really tender when i got to lift my legs.  sleeping is disturbed and not complete so most of the time woke with headache.  Living the dream so everything accepted.  keep you updated.  take care.

 on: August 09, 2017, 08:15:29 AM 
Started by Romy - Last post by Romy
Life is by far seems different, i have to start everything allover again. After a long break its getting difficult for me to start. As per my legs situation: considerably its good, healthy, i am able to walk with much ease. But sometime pin side pain and ankle stiffness bothers me, but its far better now. So collecting all the affirmatives and positive thoughts moving ahead.
Take care you all.

 on: August 07, 2017, 02:58:01 AM 
Started by Gakinotukai - Last post by Gakinotukai

Hello, just quick update. I took a CT scan and that showed the full recovery of broken legs. Actually the bone ( callus) was fully connected a long before and I knew it but the reason I took the X ray is that I wanted to remove the nail. that's why I took it. But, with not much data collected, I could not go for the removal surgery this time... May be I ask more to Dr. Sringari or I go to India to remove the nail.. I don't know yet and no rush.

Anyway, My life is back to normal, even a lot better with decent job, girlfriends, etc....   thx to all.

 on: August 04, 2017, 08:14:28 PM 
Started by awildaw - Last post by Kieran1980
I was wondering is it possible to see  and speak to ex- patients to see how they are after one year post off?

 on: July 30, 2017, 06:48:18 PM 
Started by Kamui - Last post by Frost7
Thank you so much for posting your diary Kamui.   Helped with some of my preparation.   I am planning on limb lengthening 7.  5cm with Dr.   Barinov in October.   I'm leaving Southern California October 23rd to be exact :) Just waiting on my invitation letter from Irene.   Already got my passport and going to do the expedited visa application as soon as i get my letter.   Looking forward to the next chapter of my life :)

 on: July 28, 2017, 06:02:05 PM 
Started by Girl12017 - Last post by AzMan
Hi Girl12017

I'm researching on doing LL on my femurs probably with Dr.  M, since trip out of the US will be hard for me.   I have copy and save your Helpful Tips.   I would wondering if you start a diary? How all is well?

 on: July 26, 2017, 01:48:49 PM 
Started by Romy - Last post by Romy
Came home on this sunday, journey was beautiful with smoky weather. Everything seems changed and different as i approach the door lock seems to easy, After a very long period of time met Mom, feeling so Happy. Started walking with cane usually but in morning i prefer to use walker because i have pain and tightness in my legs and ankle may be because of morning stiffness but slowly and gradually it becomes normal.Last x ray done on saturday before i left, Dr Pradip Sharma said my callus formation is good and  advised me not to put too much weight at a time and Harry advised me to be regular with the exercises. And of course i am allowed to contact them whenever i feel so. i will keep you all update.

 on: July 25, 2017, 01:25:10 AM 
Started by 12345 - Last post by The Curious One
Quote from: duduric link=topic=686. msg97560#msg97560 date=1402709928
Well.  .  .   I am 21 at the moment.   Here is my height history: (Father is 189cm, Mother is 164)

14 - 162cm
15 - 164cm
16 - 167cm
17 - 168cm
18 - 168cm
19 - 171cm
20 - 173cm
21 - 175cm

How tall did you become? My father and mother are also 189 cm and 164 cm, respectively.

Quote from: duduric link=topic=686. msg97570#msg97570 date=1402780802
My father doesn't know for sure.  . 
I have 2 older brothers ( 190cm, 184cm ), The 190cm one stopped at 19, and the other at 18. 

My older brother is 190 cm, and I'm 184 cm.  What a coincidence! There are only two sons in our family, though.  Our sister is 176 cm.

 on: July 22, 2017, 03:50:35 AM 
Started by elevatorshoes - Last post by elevatorshoes
Mark Zuckerberg techniques for looking taller Discussed at Although I don't think he wears elevator shoes.

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