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Author Topic: Bow Legs & Knock Knees Correction  (Read 55145 times)
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« Reply #40 on: September 30, 2009, 07:45:48 PM »

Hi Ladisten

I have been considering having surgery done for some time now but still need to feel i will be safe going to Ladisten.

Can you please answer some questions i have?

1. As i have young kids i cannot stay longer the 2/3 weeks.  Will i have to find a doctor that can check my progress here in Ireland? will i need a wheelchair for at home? or will cruch do after 2/3 weeks?
2. How will i know what excrises i will need to do for the remaining weeks or do i need to see a physo therapist at home?
3. How long after can patient drive a car?

Thank you

Thank you, Tan for your questions. You might have read the comments of patients who already had an op. at our clinic.

If you're short of time due to family reasons you may leave home in 3 weeks,
still of course we'd suggest to stay longer to be sure everything goes like planned.
You will not be able to walk yet, so consider yourself as being in a wheel chair for that period.
One more pro of staying longer is that you get physio that is included in cost. We help you recover faster this way.
You'll be provided with instructions of how to manage the devices, how to clean them etc and other instructions on weight bearing, walking, training, etc.
I do not think Ireland doctor may assist in how the process goes, some things like overall healing process - probably yes.
In any case you will need to send us photos of X-rays and be in touch.

As for driving...frankly speaking we do not offer to drive car for some period of time - it's a risk. In approx. 3 months devices are removed and you can freely drive. Until then we'd say you need to be careful with that. Smiley

Please let me know if more questions,
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Ladisten Clinic
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Truth is the best lie

« Reply #41 on: December 08, 2011, 08:26:06 PM »

Since I uploaded my story regarding the truth behind Ladisten clinic I have been corresponding with people from all over the globe intresting in solving their bowed legs issues.
Ladisten promoters are exploiting the fear and the lack of knowledge of potential patients in order to sell them the exact story they want to hear while the truth is quite the opposite.
If People wants to delude themself that they will have perfect legs after correcting their bowed legs at ladisten , well...being naive can cost them dearly .
Before rushing to take a reckless decision - read about these procedures end learn carefully about the risks and also read about the best technologies out there developed for achiving the most accurate results ladisten is selling an obsolete solution and marketing it as the "best" treatemnt for bowed legs.
Do yourself a service - open google and search for Doctor Veklich ...Youll find your way to the truth ...
And I will be there to share my personal story and my vast knowledge regarding much better and much safer alternatives than Ladisten clinic.

If you dont want to go into 2nd round with the ilizarov torture - Read my story carefully and learn from my experience .
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« Reply #42 on: December 12, 2011, 09:32:39 AM »

hey anybody knw anything bout surgry free bow leg tearment ebook by elena johson. . . anyone for review. . . . . .

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« Reply #43 on: February 13, 2012, 12:03:58 PM »

I'd really like to know how to start a topic on this site.  I'm pretty sure I can't and it's frustrating. 

Anyway I need this surgery for bow legs and I was wondering if I could get a list of doctors that do it, kind of like the one for leg lengthening.  Also, how should I go about looking for doctors?
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« Reply #44 on: February 13, 2012, 08:15:00 PM »

If you put a pony between the little girl's legs, the bowing looks completely natural. She's just a little jockey Smiley

26 year old male in West USA
Was 170cm (5'7"), now 177cm (~5'10")
Currently about 150lbs
Had surgery with Dr Sarin in India on April 24rd
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« Reply #45 on: April 24, 2012, 06:05:36 PM »

Quote from: khorven link=topic=2191. msg52438#msg52438 date=1329134638
I'd really like to know how to start a topic on this site.   I'm pretty sure I can't and it's frustrating.  

Anyway I need this surgery for bow legs and I was wondering if I could get a list of doctors that do it, kind of like the one for leg lengthening.   Also, how should I go about looking for doctors?
dr amar sarin frm indian is on the recommended list. . . . . . . .
i had checkd his website.  quite good bt he replies to ur mail quite late. . . .
veterens lik crazy +6 has undergone ll frm him and dryani was opertd upon tday fr ll. . . .
also theres labistein clinic in ukrain but the device thy use ddnt gave me confidence . . . . .
i am also plannin fr correction and ll. . . . .
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