George Stephanopoulos To Be Fired From Good Morning America For Being Too Short?


The rumor from TMZ. Just thought this would make great discussion (ABC denies this rumor, but again, this topic went viral and I thought this would make for good discussion. Not trying to rile anyone's feathers). George is 5'6, his co-anchor is 5'10.

George Stephanopoulos could lose his "Good Morning America" anchor chair within a year to the news reader who towers over him ... this according to network sources.

The buzz at ABC is that Josh Elliott -- a former ESPN sports anchor who has been the GMA news reader since March -- is on the fast track for the anchor seat.  Josh filled in on "World News Tonight" last week and network suits are in love with him.

The network will deny it's contemplating a change, but that's not what we're hearing.

The ratings at GMA have actually gone up a bit with George, so why would the network mess with the show?  Our sources say the suits think Josh and Robin Roberts have better chemistry and look better together.

Our sources say the buzz is that George could go back to his old job, anchoring "This Week," especially because execs privately now admit Christiane Amanpour is a disaster as an anchor.

Now why, you ask, do they look better than Robin and George?  Robin is 5'10" without heels.  Josh is around 6'3."  George is 5'6" ... and a half.  There's a lot of talk at ABC that it just looks awkward when the male anchor is slight and short.

Not that there's anything wrong with it.

Without Judgment:
I saw this on

I think the height rumors are true. I was fired from a job after a few since since my height was considered a hindrance to sales.

Heightism is a damn shame.

They say they love the "chemistry" between the Female the taller co-anchor.... Yeah right.....

Robin's an ugly twat with a deep man's voice.   If there's anyone you should get rid of, it is her.   Seeing her in the morning isn't the first thing i want to see on television.


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