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Author Topic: Dr. Augustin Betz, The Betz Institute, (Wadern-Wadrill, Germany) - 2012 update.  (Read 53921 times)
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« on: February 02, 2012, 06:24:06 PM »

Here are the responses from Dr. Betz, updating his information with 2012 pricing and details.

1. How many patients have been treated by you for Cosmetic Leg Lengthening?
Over 450 cosmetic limb lengthening procedures with internal devices.

2. Which techniques do you use?
I am able to offer most minimally invasive techniques. There is very little blood loss and scar formation is very minimal. The methods I offer are:

a. Betzbone
b. LON (lengthening over nail)
d. Fitbone

The Betzbone internal intramedullary device is our preferred device for cosmetic limb lengthening because of its many advantages:

a. Largest gain;
b. Strongest internal implant which allows immediate full weight bearing (no wheelchair or expensive orthesis);
c. Safe and accurate controlling and management allowing less radiological and/or ultrasonic exposure;
d. Reliable and simplistic mechanism;
e. Requires only one operation to implant device and one to remove it later;
f. Affordable internal device (when compared to ISKD, Fitbone or PRECISE);

3. How much do you your currently charge for cosmetic LL for each? When will these prices change?
The following prices are the standard cost for typical limb lengthening procedures:  
Betzbone - 48,500 euros (bilateral femur), 51,500 euros (bilateral tibia)

4. What are the lengthening limits for your procedures?
The Betzbone can lengthen up to 13.5 cm. (approx. 5.3 inches) on the femurs or tibias

5. Do your patients need to do any preparation before for their treatment?
Each patient has an initial consultation with Prof. Dr. Betz in which patients take a tour of the facilities (hospital and residential center), meet patients during various stages of lengthening, and take x-rays and have a physical evaluation. Our staff also makes picture manipulations in order to see proportions with different gains.

Psychological examinations are also performed upon the Prof. Betz's request.

After the consultation patients are given a packet of detailed information leading up to the operation (Guideline through complete process, pre-operative stretching and preparatory exercises). Prof. Betz believes in increasing flexibility and strength through the exercises he provides.

6. Is accommodation including in your pricing?
The prices provided cover the entire surgery, the internal device, the hospital stay, physical therapy during the hospital stay, and Prof. Betz post operative visits during your complete stay in Germany. The 14 days in the hospital include physical therapy, food, exercises, and functional training. After leaving the hospital, patients have the option of staying at the residential center at the Betz institute, the nearby Saarchlieff rehabilitation clinic, an apartment near by, or with a local family. The prices vary depending on where you stay.

7. Are there any medical conditions that would prevent a potential patient from being accepted?
Special anatomic situation (bone canal is too small or too short for the internal device) In this case LON (lengthening over nail) can be applied. This is a rare problem as Prof. Dr. Betz uses different size implants to fit each individual patient.

Bone related diseases.

8. In what percentage of cases do your patients experience complications?
a. Major complications - 0% (Fatty embolism, paralysis, nerve damage, deformity, loss of function)
b. Broken screw - 1-2 % (Results from a fall or excess pressure). This can be changed in an outpatient procedure.

c. Bent nail - 1-2 % (Results from an accident and can be removed and replaced with a titanium nail).

d. Infection - 0%

e. Non union - 1-2 % (only in medical indications in lower leg)

9. Are complications or unscheduled surgery covered in your costs?
No (complications rarely occur but it is possible for a patient to have an accident that compromises the implant) The price for this correction is not covered in the original price.

10. Is there any insurance available to cover the patient's treatment?
There is no insurance coverage for cosmetic limb lengthening.

11. What is your official web-site?
Our official website is <>  - This website has a link to Prof. Dr. Betz original website.

12. How much do you charge for a consultation?
The consultation price is 400 Euros.

13. What is the best way for potential patients to contact you?
The best way to contact Prof. Dr. Betz is
We have a fast response policy. You may also call direct 00 49 (0) 175 781 5512 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday -Friday.

14. Do you limit your services to people of a certain height?
No, each patient is evaluated by Prof. Dr. Betz to determine his or her candidacy. We operate on patients with microsomia / dwarfism, those with short stature, those above average, and taller patients who desire more height.  

15. Is there any other information that you would like to have included?
Prof. Dr. Betz is the most experienced limb lengthening surgeon in the world with internal devices and is a pioneer that has invented the most technological advanced telescopic nail. Cosmetic limb lengthening is a routine procedure for Prof. Dr. Betz in which he performs approx. 5-7 procedures per month.      

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