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Author Topic: Are my legs bowed? How much can I gain from correction?  (Read 30831 times)
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« Reply #20 on: July 02, 2015, 09:47:25 PM »

no I have not done it yet.  But I considering. I always compare my legs with others and how their legs look better than mine. . . . its like they walk correctly and straight!! 5 years ago I think they had something that I didn't have but I didn't know what! perhaps the way I walk ,so I correct my posture to be like them but nothing changed. . as I m a girl it hurts me a lot!!!why people have beautiful legs and I don't have? what's wrong with me!!!??? :-[ :-[ and I realize years after that I have bow legs and yes it hurts me.  stand up and look at your legs and a friend of you in the mirror at the same time. . . which one do you prefer.  And yes you see differences now. . . . .
sry about my bad English I hope you understand what I want to say!!! :-\

mu current height :155cm
my dream height :165 cm
best I can achived:162 cm
+7cm on my tibias and correcting..
considering doing LL in 2017

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« Reply #21 on: July 08, 2015, 11:30:52 PM »

Hi.  I didnt see any senior LL answer you.  Have you receive answer from others, doctors etc. ? I have the same problem as you have.  I am also interested to hear from people who has undergoe LL and leg correction.  How many cm you can gain with bowed leg  correction.   Huh?

What about the price and where you plan to do you LL?

Good luck to you :)
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« Reply #22 on: January 18, 2017, 09:07:58 AM »

Hello everyone !!!
My name is Antonina. I am an assistant of The International Centre of Anthropometrical (Orthopedic) Cosmetology and Correction in Russia.
Dr.Barinov's clinic
Cosmetic correction (bow legs correction) is done surgically by experienced orthopedic surgeons using a genuine method of deformity correction.
Stages of legs correction
Legs shape correction (correction of bow legs) is performed on both legs at the same time and consists of three stages:
1 Ė Operation. Operation is done in turn on one keg and then on another one. First of all a special orthopedic device is put on the leg below the knee and thin but very strong pins made of special and safe medical steel is drawn through the bone in the upper and lower part of the shin. The pins are fixed on the device rings thus making a firm device-bone system. Afterwards osteotomy (dissection of the bone) is done.  Osteotomy is performed by means of a special orthopedic chisel as corticotomy (partial dissection of the most solid bone elements with the least injury to the surrounding tissues). The operation ends in cosmetic suture. 
2 - Correction. At this stage a slow correction of the legs shape occurs which lasts for a few days. Usually, correction starts on the 5th-7th day after the operation. Itís duration depends on the deformity degree. A slow and gradual correction  allows it to improve  the curvature precisely up to the tenth of a degree. Itís the most precise method of all existing at present.  Decision to stop correction is taken by the doctor together with the patient, taking into account both the patientís wish and results of a computer modeling.   
3 - Fixation. This stage is the longest of all. During fixation or consolidation, the corrected bones are held with the frames till complete union of the bones. Fixation lasts about 1 month. During this stage patients are most mobile, they are able to walk without crutches and donít feel any pain or discomfort. One can see our patients in all popular places in the town. They go to the cinema, shopping centers, parks, museums and of course Mamayev Mound. Many people say that they just forget they have frames on their legs.   At the end of fixation stage radiography is done and degree of union is estimated.  If the bone tissue has become solid enough, the frames can be removed.
General information on operations for legs shape correction
On an average correction of the legs shape lasts 50-l60 days but it may be less or longer depending on the individual ability of the body to regenerate, age and the patientís activity.  Those patients who walk actively and regularly since the very beginning of  treatment recover quicker than those who ďprefer to relaxĒ.   Our absolute record  is 42 days from the operation till the frames removal. In general, 55-60 days are sufficient for about 90% of our patients.
Operations for legs shape correction are performed either under spinal or general anesthesia.
Our patients start walking independently with crutches the next day after the operation.  The patients are active, they can serve themselves, for this reason there is no need to have their relatives or accompanying persons at hand. Though, we donít restrict any contact and relatives and guests can stay with patients all day long.
Our patientsí age should be not less than 16 and no older than 60. During treatment, patients should either stay in the hospital or rent an apartment (stay at a hotel) under supervision of our doctors and follow all their instructions. Itís only in this case that we can guarantee a success.
By the end of treatment, the patients are able to walk without crutches. 
Two-three weeks after leaving the hospital patients can resume their daily routine and way of life.
Rehabilitation period after surgery for legs shape correction.
During rehabilitation, swimming and graduated walking are recommended. From 2 to 4 months later physical load may be increased. The operation for legs shape correction leaves only small scars which get almost invisible with time.
Weíll be glad to help you settle your problems!
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