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Author Topic: The Road to Leg Lengthening...  (Read 15959 times)
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« on: January 29, 2007, 06:57:04 PM »

The Four Steps to Getting Taller
As many of you know, having spoken to many LL doctors, met with lots of LL patients and having gone through LL myself, I've developed a lot of knowledge around the subject.

One of the things that interests doctors and patients alike is the process that people go through before deciding to actually go ahead with Leg Lengthening.

Alas, many more people express an interest in doing LL than will ever actually go ahead, and this is why many doctors are slow to respond - they all get hundreds of emails a day, many from people who are just dreamers, or who have some psychological issue and are really looking for comfort, rather than being serious candidates for LL.

I thought that it would be useful to apply some classic consumer marketing and advertising concepts to the LL universe to try and help people to understand where they sit in the scheme of things...

The AIDA Model
The AIDA model is well known and understood by marketers such as myself, and highlights the aims of advertising, as well detailing the behaviour of consumers when they are purchasing a product.

In this case, LL is the 'product' and we can look at people who are interested in LL as the 'consumers'.

Step One: Attention / Awareness
There will be some event or series of events that leads the potential LL candidate to seek out a solution to their need. In this case, the solution is LL, although many people will have tried other solutions beforehand, such as pills, potions and other hocus pocus.

LL is often a solution of last resort.

The person may have actually conducted a search for LL, or may have stumbled across it as a result of an advert from a practitioner or a forum like MMT.

Step Two: Interest
Once the concept of LL has captured a person's attention and they are aware of its existence, they may become interested in it. MMT would estimate that 50% of people who become aware of LL quickly develop an Interest in it.

The interest manifests itself in several ways, but normally will result in the person become active in online communities, doing research through the Internet and spending a lot of time thinking about LL.

Step Three: Desire

For some, the research that follows an initial interest in LL will lead to a 'Desire' to have it. The person will being to formulate strategies in their mind, thinking about timescales, costs and the amount of lengthening that they would like to do.

MMT estimates that about 25% of those who become aware of LL will move on to this stage, and they will demonstrate this by contacting doctors and becoming active in online communities. They will also start to visualise how much extra height they would like, and find practical ways to 'experience' their new height, such as putting lifts in their shoes, standing on things whilst looking in the mirror and measuring out their new height with rulers.

Step Four: Action
Alas, a significant proportion of those who develop a desire are those with psychological issues such as body dismorphia, low self-esteem and / or fantasy fixations.

These people will never actually go ahead and book a consultation with a doctor, but prefer to spend a long time 'researching' the concept of LL, contacting multiple doctors for information and often become disruptive in online communities.

NB: Most of the 'Trolls' on MMT fall into this category.

Another sizable chunk of those people who develop a desire to have LL will never have the money, time or willpower to go ahead with it.

The end result is that of the people who develop an awareness of LL, no more than 1% will actually move all the way through the process to the 'Action' stage where they will book a consultation and actually schedule the surgery.

By this time, they will have narrowed their choice down to no more than three doctors, will have their funding in place and will identified when they will have the time to do LL.

Even then, a small number will not go ahead even after a consultation?

Doctor?s Dilemma
This creates a dilemma for doctors - they know that less than 1 in 100 people who contact them will actually become patients, but there is no easy way for them to immediately identify the people who are serious.

Because of this, LL doctors are increasingly putting in place qualifying tests and hurdles to allow them to focus their time on those people who are genuine.

MMT predicts that in 2007, more and more of the top doctors will put in place a consultation and psychological evaluation process to help them filter out 'time-wasters'.

This has the disadvantage of increasing the costs of LL for those who are serious, but there is no other obvious way for doctors to focus their resources.

Final Thoughts
It is our hope that this forum and others like it will help people who are interested in LL to answer as many of their questions as possible before contacting doctors for information.

This will help doctors to free up their time so that they can deal more quickly with genuine enquiries, whilst giving those who are interested in LL a resource that they can trust to guide them towards a final decision...

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