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Author Topic: Dr. Donghoon Lee (Bundang-gu, Sungnam-si, South Korea) - New for 2014  (Read 157264 times)
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« on: January 15, 2014, 06:52:09 PM »

1. How many patients have you treated for elective bilateral leg lengthening?
- about 400 cases

2. Which techniques do you use?
- Lengthening Over Nail (LON)
    - Minimum invasive, minimum scar, correct curvature legs simultaneously
         - Established surgical method to minimize x-shaped leg occur
         - Product - Internal Fixation; ETN®(Synthes, USA), ASLS®(Synthes, USA)
         - External Fixator; Ortho SUV®(Russia), Hexapod®(Germany)
 - Lengthening And Then Nailing (LATN)
         - Rehabilitation period shorten over six weeks compared to LON, possible to return back to everyday life quickly, abundant bone regeneration formation  
        - First time in Korea, successful LATN method
   - Possess the nation’s largest number of cases
   - Product - Internal Fixation; ETN®(Synthes, USA), ASLS®(Synthes, USA))
        - External fixator device; Ortho SUV®(Russia), Hexapod®(Germany)
     - Computer-assisted external fixator device (Ortho SUV®, Hexapod®)  
 - Intramedullary Lengthening Devices(PRECICE®- Ellipse, USA)
        - Least scars and pain surgical method, lengthening using only the internal fixator without the external fixator
        - Possess the nation’s largest number of cases
       ** Worry-free bone regeneration
       - lengthening surgery using combined bone marrow concentration(BMAC) & platelet rich plasma(PRP) therapy which enhance      bone regeneration, first established in the world

3. How much do you currently charge for bilateral leg lengthening on one bone section?
This Price is valid through 2013.. It will be updated soon after I move to Severance hospital (affiliated with Yonsei University) in May 2014.

(a) 13 days includes 9 nights for 1st stage surgery and 2 nights for 2nd stage surgery.
(b) 20 days includes 7 nights for 1st stage surgery and 11 nights for 2nd stage surgery.

4. What are the lengthening limits for your procedures?
There are no limits to bone lengthening itself, but in reality there are limits because of soft tissues. To minimize various complications resulting from limb lengthening, it is recommended that lengthening is performed under 20% of the original bone length. 15% will be even better.
Limb lengthening is a process that involves not only the bone but also the soft tissue surrounding the bone. Especially when muscle is lengthened, even after recovery, sports ability (especially when playing vigorous sports) might not return 100%. The more the bone is lengthened, the more probability sports ability will not fully recover.
According to Park’s report (Park HW et al, JBJS,2008 ), 25% of the people who lengthen the tibia(6cm in average) was found to have some difficulties in persuing vigorous activity.
If both Tibia and Femur are lengthened sequentially, the maximum to be 10cm in total. But, one more important thing is to consider body ratio. So, I recommend to decide the target considering the safety, recovery of sports activity and body ratio.

5. Do your patients need to do any preparation before for their treatment?
My patients need a consultation with me before surgery.
If you have kept up with the exercises (Biking, squats, lunges, water walking, and swimming) for strengthen the front thigh muscle(quadriceps femoris), this will give great help to do the rehabilitation after the surgery. In addition to the thigh muscle exercises, upper-body muscle exercise and stretching exercises as a whole will also help.

6. Is accommodation included in your pricing?
The current price list includes hospitalization..

7. Are there any medical conditions that would prevent a potential patient from being accepted?
If you have a serious medical problem (including diabetes, HIV infection), osteomyelitis, or bone metabolic disease, which means the bone does not grow well, then preoperative verification may be required and may result in not being able to have the surgery.

8. In what percentage of cases do your patients experience complications?
Short-term Complications
Peoneal/tibia nerve injury during surgery (0%)
Blood vessel injury –necrosis caused by major blood vessel damage (0%)
Anesthesia incident – due to the anesthesia accident (0%)
Deep infection –deep infection occurred and required additional surgery case (0.1%), but no intramedullary canal infection
Nonunion-the bone fails to heal together and need additional procedures such as bone grafts(0%)
Pin broken – during lengthening external fixator pin break and reinsert the pin (2%)
Loss of some skin sensations that does not affect daily activity seriously – It cannot prevent 100% of degradation skin sensation around incision wound area or superficial skin but there is almost no discomfort and in long term most of them will be recover (10%)
Superficial infection –light infection around pin area occurs often but it can be prevent from becoming severe (10%)
Impending compartment syndrome - very important short-term complications, I also experienced some cases, but properly, promptly managed to prevent permanent squela. I'm prerevent compartment syndrome to nearly 100% now.
Long-term complication
Permanent disability (0%)
Permanent Joint contracture (0%)
Arthritis incurred due to surgery (0%)
Joint dislocation (0%)
About 5-10% of leg lengthening patients report that some skin areas(but. not critical to daily activity) have become dull.
Exercise ability decline – after lengthening surgery, doing strenuous exercises (sprint, soccer etc..), you may not be able to recover 100% as preoperative strength condition. There is no scientific data for this yet.
9. Are complications or unscheduled surgery covered in your costs?
No. Other than the regular surgery, the cost of the additional procedures or surgery normally is paid by the patient. However, in order to minimize additional cost we will help as much as possible.

10. Is there any insurance available to cover the patient's treatment?

11. What is your official website?

12. How much do you charge for a consultation?
Fees for out-patient clinic; cost \350,000 for the first consultation

13. What is the best way for potential patients to contact you?
- email: &

14. Do you limit your services to people of a certain height?
- I do not limit my service by height itself, because cosmetic stature lengthening is a treatment not for physical disability, but for self-satisfaction.

15. What is your policy for people who are suffering from depression or some other mental health issue, or have suffered from it in the past?
- If the depression is identified because of the height after consulting with a psychiatrist, I can perform the surgery. However, if it is proven to be a Major Depressive disorder  or bipolar disorder, it can be a relative contraindication for the surgery.

16. Is there any other information that you would like to have included?
I am moving to Severance hospital in Sinchon (affiliated with Yonsei University) as an Orthopedic Surgeon from March 2014.
Currently, my schedule for surgeries is at full capacity and therefore future surgeries can only be scheduled for March when I begin my tenure at Severance Hospital.

At the present moment, I do not have a clear idea of the operation costs at Severance hospital, but as soon as I receive word, I will promptly announce it. As always, I will try my best to reduce the costs as much as I possibly can.
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