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Author Topic: Romegas - Internal Femurs - Dr. Betz - 2007 - My OP in Germany  (Read 51072 times)
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« Reply #100 on: July 03, 2008, 05:08:21 PM »

Hi guys,

I am doing fine, I just did not come here a long time because I was rolling on with my life. I just forget whole the thing and there was not the whole chaotic programming and exploring and messaging things anymore of before when I was focusing on the surgery and when doing so.

Now I am doing fine, I have extra length, my walking is very well, I get more strength each day. I am now concentrating on to get my running best as possible as soon as possible. I can run very well on a fitness running device. Now I want to start running outdoors but I did not went for a control now for maybe 8/9 months, I will go next week and then check if the bone is healed already and if there is nothing I have to worry.

My left leg has now a titanium solid nail I got that one in November and that time Dr.Betz told me I could run after 6weeks but I preferred to wait untill April and then I started with running device. Sometimes I do a little outside but I still need to overpower the psychologic barrier I have from the surgery, when that is done I believe I can do anything the same like before.

I will now be here more coming time, but after a time off course everything is getting normal again and LL is not that dramatic anymore and not making you nervous or something anymore.

I just can say this, if it is really really very important and number one for you to get that extra inches and it makes you crazy whole your life, this is something you have to grip with both hands. Nothing will happen. I will write later more about things I have explored for myself, about my life how it changed and what I can say more...

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